The science behind idolatry.

Why do we practice idolatry? Do we have an answer for this? What is idolatry?

Idolatry is the worship of an idol or cult image, being a physical image, such as a statue, or a person in place of God. In Abrahamic religions, namely Christianity, Islam and Judaism, idolatry connotes the worship of something or someone other than God as if it were God.

This question that why do we practise idolatry? What's the main reason behind practising

Why do we go on pilgrimages?    Why do we worship shiv linga?

All questions point towards the same answer that our soul, our mind remains so unstable that it can get diverted into the wrong direction and to maintain its stability and to avoid getting diverted we practice idolatry.

There are mainly two techniques to practice idolatry:

  • Affirmation
  • Visualization

Affirmation means Our service for God should flow from a heart that loves God. We serve Him because we love Him, not because we are looking to be made much of or thought much of or thanked or appreciated.

In each and every inhalation of our breathings and chanting the name of God can purify our body, our mind and our soul.

Apart from chanting audibly,

Visuals are said to be more deceptive.

For example, if you wake up in the morning and you decide to meet your friend there's 80℅ chance of forgetting that thing but if you visually keep that thing in mind that you have to meet your friend there are 90℅ chances you won't forget to meet your friends as in visuals are more deceptive.

Recently a university supervised a drill where two groups A and B of patients were composed 'A group' were given an explanation and a composed file with documented instructions which they had to obey.

'B group' were given an explanation with pictures and a composed file with instructions documented. After a week the researchers found that from the 'A group' there were only 7℅ patients who could remember all the instructions whereas 'B group' had 42℅ patients who could remember all the instructions with pictures. Hence, Visuals played a good role in memorizing the instructions. This technique was also followed by the ancient sages and psychologists that visuals are more deceptive and initiated idolatry to get their mind concentrated by worshipping their respected idols.
To develop an image of your idol in your mind, visualize them, praise them and worship them.
Because of those true spiritual vibes, our mind will get stable and active which will give rise to a new spark of energy in our body through spiritualism.