Power of Ohm.

Ohm is comprehended as a symbol of Almighty God. It's also recognized as the voice of Lord Brahma.

Ancient holy books, Vedas and Upanishads believe that the universe emerged with the sound of Ohm.
In this whole universe, sounds are produced by collisions.
In the entire universe of sounds, ohm is proclaimed to the sound which emerges without any collision or reflection it just emerges out naturally with ease.
During a clap, Hands collide with each other and sound emerges out, when a drum is banged the sound emerges out.
When we enunciate " Radhe Radhe "
Our tongue strikes towards the upper palate and sound is produced.
Ohm word is the only special words which do not emerge by reflection or collision.
It just emerges out naturally with ease.
In ancient books and Veda's ohm is considered as Nadbrahma which indicates that voice of Lord Brahma.
Ohm is recited as the Song of glory.
It signifies that glory to God is the highest. In Veda's, it's mandatory to use ohm with mantras and shlokas.
It also plays a major role in Dhyaan Pranayama too.
If you chant the word ohm even you are a believer in God or an atheist it doesn 't matter but still, it will purify the soul, spirit and will give rise to a new spark of energy and activeness.
A well-known scientist in the neuro research centre, Britain conducted research through a drill, He mainly experimented this research on those patients who were about to die, Patients suffering from heart, brain and illnesses. He made those patients listen and chant the word ohm and after a span of 3 months, He scanned and diagnosed those patients which gave the report as 90℅ of the patients were getting cured by the illness just by chanting or listening to the word Ohm.
He concluded that Ohm word has a specified Curing sound vibrations.
This shows that Ohm has the power to generate a type of spark or energy in the body which can heal the wounds or illnesses.
It has the power to regenerate the cells by eliminating the dead cells.
Many times we chant the ohm word in a wrong way and we don't get the fruitful results. Chanting ohm in a wrong way won't give the desired effect it has an ethical, spiritual way to perform this action.
Step 1: Close Your Eyes, Make yourself calm and comfortable.
Step 2: Take deep long breathes and start Chanting the word Ohm. (Note: Stretch the word " Ohhhm " while chanting )
Step 3: Concentrated in the middle of the forehead and try to connect with Almighty God by Chanting.
Feel the connectivity of Almighty God, Vibes, Positive Energy, get deep in the word Ohm. Practising this activity of Chanting Ohm in a proper manner for 10 mins per day you will be able to notice that unique and distinctive energy will be possessed by you.